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Welcome Visitor!  Leave your name in the timelessness of Space!!  We are now collecting names for the 2009 mission.  So, be sure to add your name in the space below.

Stardust was launched on February 7, 1999 carrying the two microchips. Two copies of each chip were installed on the spacecraft (for a total of four chips). Two of the microchips (#1 & #2) are inside the Sample Return Capsule, and was returned back to Earth with the capsule when it landed in Utah on January 15, 2006. The capsule along with the microchips have been transported to the curation facility at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas on January 17, 2006, where they currently reside. The other two chips are on the spacecraft body and will remain in space forever.

In the link above, we have a listing of all of the names submitted and that have been inscribed onto the microchips. The names are sorted alphabetically by last name for easy lookup. Note that there are two lists, so if you don't find your name in one list, be sure to check the other list.

To the genealogy people: we've been receiving a lot of inquiries from people researching their family trees and have who have discovered our microchip name listings. The names on the microchip were collected as a public outreach effort. We do not have any information or background on any of the people whose names were submitted, nor do we have any way of contacting these people

To get your names in the Stardust Space Mission fill the form below.
We are also including digitized photographs along with names.  If you wish to have photographs to be included, please provide the URL in the form below. 
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